Course Contents:   CorelDRAW
Course Benefit:     You will learn how to Use all features of CorelDRAW with LIVE PROJECTS.
Duration:                20 Sessions [Every Session is of 1 hour]

Topics Covered

With CorelDraw you can create Illustrations from scratch, enhance the Designs, Create Drawings from scratch for your Digital Art, and send your finished work out in many ways.

CorelDRAW Applications

Vector-based drawing Program with extensive text handling and precision-drawing features.
Ideal tool for virtually any design project from Commercial Art to technical illustrations, advertisements, publishing and Internet publishing.
Full-color Design Illustrations.
Complex Design Drawings.
Commercial Art.
Photorealistic Design Images.
Surrealistic Images
Animation sequences.
Libraries of Designs.
High-quality drawings from low-resolution originals.


Vector Graphics Vs Rastor, Property Bar, Welding
Drawing Tools, Modifying Tools,Skewing
Fill Types: Fountain, Pattern,
ITextures, Mesh, Uniform, Special Effects: Contour,
Extrude, Distort, Blend, Shadow, PowerClip
Perspective, Fit to Text, Character Converts
Importing & Exporting Images

Live Projects

Monograms, Logos, Advertisements, Fashion & Interior Designing , Jewellery Designing.